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Your hair do isn’t complete unless you secure it with bobby pins. From ages this tiny hair accessory has been adorned by women all over the world. Whether it is a low bun for a casual day or high bun for a evening wear, bobby pin is the key to give your hair style a neat finish. Bobby pins are saviour to your messy or unmanageable hair which transforms your hair in matter of minutes and give you an attractive look. Bobby pins need not be used in just one conventional way to secure hair-buns, you can add bit creativity to it and use them in innovative ways. Scroll over to see how you can put these little pins in use in different variations :

1. The correct way of using a bobby pin is to let wavy side face inwards and smooth side upwards.

2. Create a unique triangle design on with bobby pins by placing them 2 pins diagonally and one in centre.

3. Design Chevrolet design by placing several bobby pins at a slant.

4. Prop up your ponytail giving it an illusion of fuller pony tail by tucking in bobby pins under the elastic band.

5. Secure pesky fly-away hairs by twisting them and pinning them up bobby pins.

6. Design a hashtag with bobby pins

7. Crown your own hair in criss cross design with this criss cross pattern.

8. Use pilers to tighten to the lose bobby pins.

9. Dry hair shampoo will give it a better hold and grip.

10. Tuck in loose ends of ponytail with bobby pins.

11. Keep your braid smooth and tight with bobby pins.

12. Roll up your hair and secure them with bobby pins to create an illusion of bobby cut.

13. Stack them together in an empty tic-tac container.

14. Colour them up to match your outfits.

15. Keep the hair away from your face by clipping up fringes.

16. Design your own nail art.

17. Pull up the zippers easily with bobby pins

18. Use clean bobby pins to apply glue to false eye lashes.

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