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Best friends go through a lot together. They are inseparable. The bond that you share with your friends can never fade and they are there for you when no one else is.

It is important that you have such friends in your life who are there at your low times. It isn’t necessary that they talk to you every day but when you need them, they are the first ones to help you. Thus, to mark this friendship, it would be a great idea to get similar tattoos or have a pair together. Here are few ideas that you might want to have with your own bestie. .

1. There is no need for friendship bracelets anymore.

1 .

2. PB&J crew tattoo is going to get some people jealous!

18 .

3. Because opposites do attract.

3 .

4. Who’s your bestie, then?

19 .

5. Best friend is your ride or die girl.

5 .

6. Their friendship always lasts.

6 .

7. These should be the tattoo goals.

7 .

8. It’s a girl talk, everyone back off!

8 .

9. There is no power that can break the bond.

9 .

10. Best friends are there to lift you up when you are down.

10 .

11. Friends forever.

11 .

12. You know deep inside, you belong forever.

12 .

13. Nobody else is a perfect match than you two.

13 .

14. I love you to the moon and back.

14 .

15. Owl always love you.

15 .

16. BFF’s are there through the rough and cold nights.

16 .

17. Just like bees, they travel together.


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