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While losing weight itself a struggle, getting rid of love handles is a bigger challenge that both men and women face. Love handles are like your love which just clings on to you. No matter how much effort you put in to lose weight from your mid section or lower back and hips, it all goes in vein. At times you will notice that while you are losing weight from other parts of your body, your mid section just keeps on holding on its weight. But have you ever wondered what could be the underlying cause of you not losing weight from this area? Listed here are a few reasons that why those pesky love handles don’t want to leave your body:

1. You Eat All Day Long

1 While most of us are in habit of eating through the day, studies prove that it is one of the major causes of fat deposits in your body. Set your eating time window to 8 hour frame. Restricted eating allows your body to increase fats oxidation and reduce energy intake which will result in lesser fat deposits.

2. You Focus Only On Cardio Workout

2 Cardio exercises alone may not allow your body to get rid of stubborn fats from your mid section. Target your love handles with some weight training to gain lean muscles and reduce fat deposits.

3. You Have Wine

3 Wine might be your best friend to beat the stress, however it adds 1500 calories per week which is like half a pound of weight every week which and 2 pounds of weight gain a month. Avoid alcohol to add excess weight as they pump up fats in your love handles.

4. Busy Schedule

4 Running from pillar to post to complete all tasks can lead to stress. This triggers the stress hormone cortisol which in turn triggers fat accumulation in mid section. Avoid taking stress and try to detox your mind with some morning walks or meditation to ease your mind.

5. Check Fat Percentage

5 If your body fat percentage is high then definitely it will be hard for you to lose weight. Ideally a man should have 15% fats in his body and for a woman it should be 25%. To get rid of excess fats it is suggested to hit gym 5 times a week.

6. You Don’t Limit Your Carbs Intake

6 Carbs like oatmeal, beans or sweet potato slows down your weight loss process. Try consuming carbs only on the days when you hitting the gym so that you can burn the calories.

7. You Don’t Target Large Muscles

7 Focusing only on small muscles like triceps or biceps will not lead to weight loss from your larger muscles. Target your whole body to gain muscle mass, this allows your body to use glucose by the muscles and doesn’t get stored as fats.

8. You Don’t Give up Processed Foods

8 Love handles are result of excess fat deposits in your tummy. If you are one of those who keeps snacking on processed foods, then you are on pilling up on sugar and starches in your body. Switch to healthy food options and replace white foods with brown foods.

9. Excess Of Treadmill

9 Excessive running on treadmill can lower testosterone and flair up your cortisol. This triggers the stress level in your body and hinders your weight loss.

10. Excess Sit -Ups And Crunches

10 While it is a good idea to focus on crunches and sit-ups, doing them in excess will not do any good to your mid section. Indulge in full body workout and adopt a healthy diet to cut on calories to melt away love handles.

11. Stress

11 Stress spikes up the sugar level in your blood as you tend to beat the stress with sweets which in turn widens your waistline. Instead of holding on to stress, try to connect with people who can uplift your mood. Avoid stress and see the leaner you in matter of no time.

12. Excessive Dieting

12 Excessive dieting spoils your metabolism as your sleep pattern changes, there are swings in your energy levels and your mood fluctuates. Since your diet effects your hormones, ensure that you eat adequate amounts of whole foods to bring the hormones in balance and indulge in resistance training to beat the excess fats.

13. Sustainable Plan To Lose Weight

13 Often quick fixes in weight loss journey are not easy to follow and people to leave the plan mid way. Instead of opting for a fad diet or a workout that depletes your energy, adopt a sustainable plan to lose fats from your body.

14. Aesthetic Goals

14 Many people aim to lose weight to appear attractive aesthetically, however this approach does not focus on health and strength. Train your body to lose fats in a healthy way and aim to get a toned up body.

15. Eating Too Much

15 Eating too many calories is definitely not a right choice if you are aiming to lose weight. Instead of munching on a burger, switch to healthier options like broccoli or spinach sandwich or salad to fill up your tummy.

16. 60 You Don’t Follow 60/5 Rule

16 In order to blast off fats from your mid section, it is advised to follow the 60 minutes – 5 times a week of workout session. Follow the rule and get your body right on track.

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