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16 Incredible Before And After Makeup Photos That Shows The Power Of Makeup. The dexterity of makeup not only reflected as the knack to infuse confidence and allowing the wearer feel better about their appearance, but also an implausible form of art. Of course, makeup is a form of art as the artist brings up creativity by playing with different types of cosmetics. These artists are highly experienced and believe it or not no one becomes good at doing makeup overnight. It takes time, patience, and meticulousness. If you’re someone who is trying their hands on makeup, I would say it will definitely take some time for you to become an expert.For this, you can even find countless videos on YouTube and Instagram. In this article, I have come with the some of the most extreme before and after makeup photos that I found online and was literally amazed. Scroll down to have a look at them and do your share views with us:

1. AnarAgakishiev, a celeb makeup artist and hairstylist living in Azerbaijan, does unbelievable work on the fledgling and the elderly woman. Isn’t that stunning?


2. The Russian makeup artist who did this woman’s makeup is hardly 24 years old. She wrote on Instagram that this woman was very introverted and had done her makeup not even once in her life.


3. This fledgeling girl got ready for her senior prom. She got her makeup done skillfully by a bridal makeup artist and hairstylist to conceal her acne so that her fun for the big night doesn’t go away.


4. Sometimes before and after makeover doesn’t bring out much change in your face. This Californian makeup artist, Wendy Tran, just loves to use her own face as a canvas occasionally.


5. This makeover was done by the same Russian makeup artist whose work you saw in image 2. Her model as you can see has very sensitive skin but desired to conceal her peeved red skin. She looks beautiful in this photo, doesn’t she?


6. Sometimes there isn’t essentially anything that is required to be changed as people just want to beautify and look a bit more dazzling than every day.


7. Sometimes makeup can be used to brighten up our faces when we’re looking a little exhausted or scruffy from our hectic daily lives. All she required was some foundation and minimal eye makeup to bring sparks those eyes.


8. This woman looks wonderful with a vibrant red lip and those large fluttery lashes after makeup.


9. For this makeup makeover, the client got the eyeliner and eyebrow tattoos yet they weren’t done in an appropriate manner or maybe got dullover time. This is the same makeup artist whose work is displayed on s #2 and #5, who gave them a striking makeover that transformed their face after makeup makeover.


10. This makeup transformation, in reality, isn’t too intensebecause of Korean beauty ethics being not the same as that of North America’s. However, you can see that shegot a uniform skin tone, bigger eyes, and longer lashes. Delicate, but gorgeous at the same time!


11. This is yet another striking prom makeover. It is indeed very subtle, just an attractive improvement of the client’s natural features.


12. This eye-catching and dark smoky eye makeover was done by the same makeup artist whose work is showcased on #6! Her work is minimalyet impressive.


13. This gorgeous bride got a pretty makeover for her wedding day. The artist has given her a luminous bronze complexion with a smoky purple eye and a stunning mauve lip. Aren’t those lashes hard to ignore?


14. A makeup artist from Texas emphases on using makeup to highlight her client’s natural beauty. She doesn’t actually bring in much change but still tries to highlight their best features.


15. Another exhibition of the variances between North American makeup and Korean makeup. This Korean makeup artist used contouring to svelte the jawline but not the cheekbones. She made use ofvibrant red colourto attain a plum doll-like lip and white eyeliner to form an outlook of bigger eyes.


16. Lastly, PaintDatFace on Instagram is a makeup artist totally committed toward vivid transformations with loads of facial contouring and intense eye makeup. It is spectacular.


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