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Often when you think of keeping pets at home, cats are probably one of our first choices. Cats are like experts who get admiration of people around them and they are great company. Although cats are not very social by nature, once they become your pet they are your best company. Cats are like stress busters as they have a comedian inside them that would make you laugh, they dart on you with a gleam in their eyes. Ask a person who owns a cat they would tell you that a cat will allow you to sleep on the bed as long as it is the edge of the bed. Scroll over to find some more amazing facts about your fury friends called cats :

1. If your cat leaves her litter uncovered it means it does respect you.


2. Cats can survive a fall from 320 meters on concrete.


3. A cat named Stubbs had been a mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for over 16 years. Stubbs is known for a fall in restaurant fryer and has jumped into a moving truck.


4. Cats have a unique capability to taste air as they have an extra organ and a different breathing technique.


5. Cats cannot detect sweetness in anything they taste.


6. Did you know that world’s richest cat is worth $13 million


7. You may not realise but your cat recognises your voice but has knack of ignoring it.


8. A cat’s brain is 90% same as human brain – that why we love cats.


9. Cats know how to make different kinds of sounds. They can make over 100 kinds of noises.


10. Cerebral cortex of a cat’s brain has 300 million neurons in contrast to dogs who have 160 million neurons.


11. Cats can learn by seeing you doing the things.


12. Although cats have lower IQ than dogs they can solve more difficult problems if they are in mood to solve.


13. Cats have 1000 times more data storage capability that an Ipad.


14. According to a legend cats came into existence when a lion on a Noah’s ark sneezed and twin kittens came out.


15. Cats can manipulate their meows to imitate as human babies to get attention.


16. Cats need 7 times less light to see.


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