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In our everyday life we use numerous things, from morning to night we literally have some or the other thing that we are putting in use. From clothes to shoes, from school stationery to office equipment's, from food to utensils, each and every product has its own purpose. But did you know that some of these products have a particular feature that has its purpose. Although each product has its own purpose, the additional feature on these products is actually there to make things easier for you. Scroll over as we bring you different commodities and explore their unique features:

1. Holes In The Pen Caps

1 Image: Source Many of you might have ignored the tiny little hole in the caps of your pens. Or you may have thought that the hole is there to save pen from drying out. However this is actually a safety feature meant to prevent suffocation in case a child or pet swallows the cap. The hole in the cap is there to keep airway from closing completely.

2. Diamond Patch On Backpacks

2 Image: Source Some backpacks come with diamond patches on them which are not there just for the sake of decoration. These are the lash tabs that can be used to hold extra stuff that might not fit in your backpack. To use all you need to do is tie whatever you want to carry to thin rope and loop it through the patch slits.

3. Indents On Wine Bottles

3 Image: Source The dimple at the bottom of wine bottles is there to provide faster chilling of the wine. Another purpose of this indent is to prevent spilling of wine and give it an easier hold and pour.

4. Studs On Denims

4 Image: Source Almost all denims come with rivets or studs on them. They are usually placed on corners of your pockets where the chances of scrapping off are higher. The rivets and studs are there to provide extra strength to your denims so that they don’t.

5. Beer Bottle Necks

5 Image: Source The beer bottles are designed with necks to keep our beers cooler. When you hold the beer bottle, the heat of your palm is reaching the beer inside. Gripping the bottle on its neck not only gives a comfortable hold but also prevents the beer from getting warmer with heat of our hands.

6. Tiny Holes in Airplane Windows

6 Image: Source The tiny little holes in the windows of the airplane are called the bleed holes. They are wedged between two other window panes that are made with acrylic. The purpose of these two holes is to equalize the air pressure from inside and outside of the plane.

7. Dimples On Golf Balls

7 Image: Source The ridges on the golf ball are there to lessen the amount of drag when the golf ball in the air. These dimples allow the golf ball to fly further and faster.

8. Hole At The Bottom Of Locks

8 Image: Source The purpose of tiny holes at the bottom of the locks is to provide easier oiling of the locks in case they get rusted. Additionally these holes serve as drains if any liquid gets trapped in the locks.

9. Arrow On The Gas Gauge

9 Image: Source A tiny little arrow on the gas gauge is meant to guide you that on which side is the fuel tank located the car. This is especially useful if you are using a friend’s car or you are rented a car.

10. Indents On Tic Tac Containers

10 Image: Source The indents on the Tic-Tac containers are there to allow dispensing of one Tic-Tac at a time. This is neat way of having your Tic-Tacs without having to get too many of them exposed to air.

11. Discs Under Plastic Caps

11 Image: Source The discs that are usually instilled under the caps of water bottle are there to prevent carbonation of water. They also serve the purpose of proper sealing of the bottles.

12. Soda Tabs

12 Image: Source The purpose of tab on soda can is to hold the straw and keep it in placing. It prevents the straw from floating over on your drink.

13. Grooves On Toothpicks

13 Image: Source The grooves on the toothpicks are to keep the safe from dust or dirt getting on them through the surface. Simply break of the groove from the toothpick and place it on table and then place the toothpick over the groove.

14. Tabs On Foil Wraps Packs

14 Image: Source Your foil wrap might be running from one side to other inside the box, to keep it in place, just push the tabs that are on either side of the tabs.

15. Make A Plate Out Of The Box

15 Image: Source If you have ordered Chinese food, then you need not worry to get plates for the same. They are designed in such a way that when you unfold them they become a plate.

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