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Clothes don’t new from long just like that. You need to properly keep them in your closet. They way you fold and the way you handle them and how you wash them determines how long can you wear your favorite dress on date nights. If you want to keep them fresh longer, here are few tips you must follow:

1. Use felt hangers.

1 Image Source: Using wire hangers isn’t so good for your clothes and they tend to get out of shape in some time. When you use felt hangers they won’t leave marks on the shoulder area of your clothes. Plus, they have good grip on fabrics and can fit more into the closet as they are thinner.

2. Sweaters are supposed to be hung differently.

2 Image Source: You shouldn’t hang sweaters like you hang your shirts. It leads to stretching of the neck and shoulders of sweaters. Either you fold them and keep them or you fold them in the hanger as described in the image.

3. Leather pants and skirts are supposed to be hung.

3 Image Source: If you keep them folded, they are going to crease and develop wrinkles. Now, you can’t iron leather and you might be well aware of that already. Hang your pants using a clip so that they remain in form. To avoid marks from the clips, you can use business cards as shown.

4. Don’t use dry clean bags to keep your clothes.

4 Image Source: You are supposed to remove the dry-cleaning bags as soon as you get them back because your clothes needs to remain fresh, whereas the plastic bags trap odors and humidity. Along with it, don’t shove all the hangers too closely as it would lead to wrinkles in your clothes.

5. Dry cleaning too often is wrong.

5 Image Source: Too much dry cleaning can weaken the fabric and thus dry clean it all the time only if says so on the tag and avoid if the fabric is polyester, cashmere and nylon.

6. Don’t machine dry your delicates.

6 Image Source: Heat in the dryer isn’t good for the elastic in your delicates, thus it is better to let them dry on their own by laying them straight or hanging them in a way that they don’t stretch out.

7. Don’t stuff your bras in your drawer.

7 Image Source: Bending of your bras leads to change of the cup shape. Thus, you can stack them up inside each other as shown in the image.

8. Don’t twist the swimsuits.

8 Image Source: To take out the water, better not twist the swimsuits. It will make them lose their shape and thus, lay them straight inside towels, so you can get rid of the excess water and let them dry on their own.

9. Don’t use machine for your swim suits.

9 Image Source: Rather you should soak them in your sink and hand-wash them with little amount of detergent.

10. Sweaty workouts should not be put directly in laundry basket.

10 Image Source: You must let your sweat clothes dry before you mix them with other clothes. Otherwise, all your clothes are going to smell later on.

11. Don’t iron fabrics that are delicate.

11 Image Source: Iron could harm the clothes that are not suitable for ironing. For example silk! In this case, you should use a handheld steamer or hang them straight to dry on their own.

12. Big buckets are not suitable for storing shoes.

12 Image Source: You should store them in upright position wherever you decide to keep them. In order to keep it organized, you can keep one show on the front and other one right behind so you don’t have to hassle.

13. Hook are unsuitable for jewelry.

13 Image Source: Keep your jewelry separated, so that they don’t tangle with each other and form big knots. You can also incorporate the use of muffin tins and ice cube trays for storing them. Now, that isn’t expensive, right?

14. Fasten hooks and zippers before the wash.

14 Image Source: Lose hooks and zips lead to stretching out of clothes. Moreover, you should also remember that you shouldn’t put jeans turned inside out into the washing machine as it could lead to fading of their original color.

15. Don’t hang your bags.

15 Image Source: In order to prevent shoulder straps from stretching out, you should let them rest on the shelf so that they maintain their structure.

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