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We often see people who look identical to someone in and around us or some people have similar looks like celebrities. But have you ever come across people who look like Disney characters. You may find this a bit weird or funny but whether its due to their natural looks or their obsession with the character there are some people who look surprisingly identical to Disney characters. Scroll over and check out some real life people who look exactly like these reel life animated characters:

1. A Judge from Ukraine looks like “Ursula” from The Little Mermaid.


2. This is a real life photocopy of “Carl” from Up.


3. Can anyone spot the difference between this guy and “Linguini” from Ratatouille?


4. Nikki Minaj is almost a real life persona of "Mrs Potato Head”


5. Have you ever noticed an uncanny resemblance between Khal Drago and “Scar” from The Lion King?


6. Cute resemblance of “Russell” from UP.


7. This boy has worked hard to look like “Hiro Hamado” from Big Hero 6.


8. Jean Sarkozy has almost a real life look “Prince Adam” from Beauty and the Beauty.


9. That’s a good representation of Mary Katherine from Epic.


10. The hair and the charming looks of Chris Hemsworth definitely remind us “John Smith” from Pocahontas.


11. Wilford Brimley has got the looks like that of “King” from Cinderella.


12. This girl is a cute as “Elsa”


13. If they were to find a real life “Phil” from Hercules Danny DeVito would perfectly fit the role.


14. Is it an illusion or a reality that Prince looks like “Jafar”?


15. If you are looking for “Aladdin” Joe Jonas is your go to choice for his look alike.


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