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Life can throw challenges on anyone at any given point of time. But it’s really up to each individual how they deal with the challenges. Sometimes due to natural birth defects or due to some accidental injuries, people lose their limbs.

This makes it difficult for them to lead their life. However some of them have not allowed their weakness rule the head. They have taken their funny side out and proved that nothing can stop them having a good laugh. Scroll over to find pictures of some of those people who are blessed an amazing sense of humour: .

1. His leg got turned in an accident, but that didn’t stop him to enjoy the snow and the snow shark.

1 .

2. His amputee leg does not stop him from wearing his favourite Halloween consume.

2 .

3. He gave his arm a new face to cheer himself up.

3 .

4. “Lego” game pieces gave her a leg to play with.

4 .

5. He is giving his artificial limbs some relaxation at the beach.

5 .

6. A tattoo thumb to hide the amputee arm.

6 .

7. He is making best use out of his artificial leg.

7 .

8. A pirates costume to suit his perfect stature.

8 .

9. A reality to live with.

9 .

10. He has a shark by his side all the time.

10 .

11. Even he is wondering where his muscles have gone.

11 .

12. Celebrating Christmas with the gloves for his artificial hand.

12 .

13. The toe thumb has gone for shopping.

13 .

14. A lamp stand and lamp costume to light up the world.

14 .

15. Halloween costume that almost looks to be real.


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