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Parents always want that their children open up to them regarding their problems and want to be their best friends. After all they are the ones who will always be there for their children, no matter how old they become. They try their best to do the best for their kids. Now here are some fun parents who decided to get tattoos with their children.

1. Sunshine of life!

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2. The love that lasts.

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3. Bird tattoos look good.

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4. Parents-children share infinite bond.

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5. Butterflies!

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6. I can listen to you from distance.

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7. Two birds sitting on a tree.

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8. Mother-daughter relation is priceless.

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9. These anchors are carrying hearts.

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10. Similar heart tattoos.

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11. When you love your mom.

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12. Arrows of both size, but have the same purpose.

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13. Winnie and Pooh.

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14. Parts of a puzzle.

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15. Flock of birds.

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