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We have seen it in movies, it is there is in books, there are believers and non-believers, but yes there can be a possibility of the apocalypse day. The day when world will come to an end, a mass destruction by human or a natural calamity takes its toll or an alien body comes over earth, these are all assumptions. But presumably what if this happens then how one can survive, or let’s assume you get stuck while you travelling through forests and loose and you realize you are alone. How do you survive then? For your survival you will need to follow a few tricks. Scroll over and explore the hacks you must know to survive apocalypse or any other tough day:

1. To start up a fire use corn chips as they have enough oil to use as fire tinder.


2. Use bra as a make shift mask in an area that is burning. This will prevent the smoke from getting into your lungs.


3. A piece of steel wool and 9 volt battery is best bet to spark off a fire.


4. Opening up a jar can be difficult if you are stuck in a apocalyptic land, use duct tape to open the leverage.


5. Prevent blisters on your feet while on walk on the burnt out piece of land with duct tape.


6. Spread a plastic sheet on grass or ground to collect rain water.


7. Prick oil based tuna can and place a wick on over it, this will allow the wick to burn for 2 hours and your tuna will still remain fresh.


8. Another trick to light up the dark area is by using crayons as candles, they will last for 30 minutes.


9. Another trick to spark fire is by placing a wrapping foil on the either sides of AA battery.


10. Take tin cans and arrange some tinder. This will serve as a mini stove when you are stuck in lonely land.


11. Keep collecting wooden sticks that will help you to walk around while you are stuck in apocalypse,


12. Hold a few wooden planks together and hold them together with help of a tarp to serve you as raft.


13. To fix a fracture when you don’t have any medics available, wrap the area with paper towel and hold it with duct tape. Duct tape will serve as great survival tool.


14. To soothe out bug bites and cuts use salt water solution.


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