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Weight loss is process that not involves your workout or exercise routine but also what you eat. Most of the weight watchers would want to know which foods they should consume to get rid of extra fats or to maintain their weight. In other words which foods can they consume that will not add any extra pounds in your body. Although it is not possible to not to eat anything to maintain your body, you can certainly modify your diet and eat foods that will help you maintain your weight. Scroll over to explore 20 foods that you easily consume without having to worry about gaining weight :

1. Cucumbers

1 Image: Source Cucumbers are low in calories and 96% water based vegetables. They are packed with various vitamins that boost up your energy and keep you radiant. Cucumbers help to flush out toxins and waste from your body.

2. Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is yet again a low calorie water based fruit that aids in weight loss. This Vitamin A and C enriched fruit helps to burn excess fats from your body.

3. Tomato

3 Image: Source Tomatoes are extremely low in calories and have a very fat and carb content. Tomatoes are full of fibres, keep you full for longer duration and keep you off the cravings. The low glycemic index of tomatoes does not affect your blood sugar and this way your body does not release insulin which prevents weight gain.

4. Grapefruit

4 Image: Source The high fibre content of grapefruit keeps you satiated for longer duration. Studies show that an organic compound called nootkatone in grapefruits which boost up metabolism and promote weight loss. Eating a grapefruit before breakfast can promote inch loss.

5. Broccoli

5 Image: Source Broccoli is a low calorie food that is packed with fibre and reduces your hunger. Make sure that you consume broccoli in form of salads or in steamed form.

6. Oranges

6 Image: Source Oranges are packed with vitamin C and are low in calories. Choose to eat oranges over orange juice as they are more enriched with fibre and lesser in calories in its fruit form than in juice form.

7. Celery

5 Image: Source Celery is a low calorie nutritious food that provides vital nutrients to your body and regulates metabolism. The antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes fill up your stomach and aids in your digestion and prevents bloating.

8. Cauliflower

8 Image: Source Cauliflower is a low carb, high fibre food that aids in digestion and weight loss. The Omega 3 content of cauliflower stimulates secretion of leptin that regulates body weight and increases metabolism.

9. Strawberries

9 Image: Source Strawberries are natural fat fighters that boost up your metabolism. Strawberries promote the production of fat burning hormones like leptin that increases your metabolism.

10. Blueberries

10 Image: Source Blast off your belly fat with blueberries as the high anti-oxidant properties of this fruit trims down the fat content. The high water and fibre content of blueberries keeps you full for longer.

11. Egg Whites

11 Image: Source Egg whites are high in their protein content and can safely be consumed if you are watching your weight. Egg whites are also good if you want to keep away from cholesterol.

12. Salad

12 Image: Source Skip the heavy dressings on the salad and munch on bowlful of salads everyday to achieve your weight loss goals. Mix lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, or prepare yourself a fruit salad to kill hunger pangs

13. Lettuce

13 Image: Source Apart from filling up your stomach, the fibre content of lettuce improves your digestion. Lettuce also helps to remove bile salts and breaks down cholesterol from your body. The zero fat property of lettuce makes it a perfect choice of food to aid weight loss.

14. Mushrooms

14 Image: Source Mushrooms are protein rich foods that are low in their calorie and fat content. The fibre content of mushrooms keeps you fuller for longer and provide you various nutrients to your body.

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