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When you go for traveling, you try to stay in best hotels according to your budget. A neat and clean hotel provides a good ambiance and it makes your journey comfortable. There are some hotels which have bizarre features. Some architects make severe mistakes when it comes to considering the little details. Here is collaboration of images of hotels which did not get it right at all. They will look funny, but on the same hand, impossible to stay in.

1. Now, people would need to think twice before wanting to wash their hands at a perfect balance of hot and cold.


2. The hotel tried to lie about the fact, that they don’t have windows!!


3. This hotel is trying to get the smokers on the right track.


4. Now, who will tell the clients the way? Should they refer horizontal or vertical?


5. Guess, the hotel likes the painting way too much.


6. Do they want their customers to fall? Now that’s deceitful!


7. Either use the closet or the bathroom, alright?


8. The hotel authorities weren’t able to find the plug, so they just let it be.


9. Mysterious plugs in your room, will surely prove to be a nightmare when you are all alone.


10. Only if we could extend our hands like the superheroes, would we able to reach the toilet paper.


11. It is supposed to be in the center, architect!! It’s strangely annoying.


12. Only if they had decided to put a smaller sticker with ‘2’ on it , on the wrong button itself.


13. Well, no one is going to like that!


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