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Have you ever experienced an emotional outburst out of nowhere or a sudden change in mood? If the answer is yes, then blame it on your hormones. Our body has several glands that produce chemicals to regulate various processes in our body. These chemicals are termed as hormones that play a vital role in your overall health and maintain a healthy body. Your hormones are responsible for your appetite, control your body temperature your ability to conceive and other body processes. However when these hormones go out of control women experience mood swings, lack of sleep or acne and other such symptoms. Keep reading to understand signs that indicate your hormones are playing a havoc on you:

1. Acne

Image: Source Having a pimple once in a while is fine but a permanent acne or blackheads issues is clear indicator that your hormones are out of control and you have excess androgen hormones.

2. Sleep Issues

Image: Source Decreased levels of estrogens and melatonin leads to disturbances in sleep pattern. Cold flashes and lack of sleep is generally a sign of hormonal imbalances.

3. Stomach Bloating

Image: Source Another indicator of hormonal imbalance is stomach bloating which usually means that there is a decline in progesterone and estrogen in your body.

4. Irregular Periods

Image: Source If there issues in your thyroid or reproductive hormones, then you will irregular monthly cycles. This should not be ignored for long time and you must consulate your gynaecologist to regulate your cycles.

5. Lack Of Concentration

Image: Source Women who are reaching their menopause often complain of forgetfulness. Lack of concentration and loss of memory among women is due to hormonal imbalance.

6. Hair Loss

Image: Source Excessive hair loss is another indicator of thyroid issues. Hyperthyroidism and hyperthyroidism are the common reasons for hair fall and you must get your thyroid checked to get proper treatment of thyroid.

7. Fatigue And Mood Swings

Image: Source Abrupt changes in mood or mood swings and feeling tired all the time is another sign of lack of hormones. Lack of energy is another indicators of your thyroid glands not functioning properly.

8. Weight Gain

Image: Source A sudden weight gain indicates lack of estrogen and thyroid hormones in the body. Usually you will notice extra fat deposits in your waist line due to hormonal imbalances.

9. Food Cravings

Image: Source When you are stress, you have tendency to eat more. This happens due rise in stress hormones. In addition dip in estrogen levels and imbalance in leptin also leads to food cravings.

10. Headaches

Image: Source Many women complain of migraines or headaches near their monthly cycle or even during pregnancy. These headaches are triggered due to drop in estrogen levels.

11. Unwanted Hair

Image: Source Androgens are the male hormones that are produced in small quantity in a woman’s body. However when there is excess production of androgen hormones, women often get excess hair growth on their face and other parts of their body.

12. Hot Flashes

Image: Source Lower levels of estrogens trigger hot flashes and cold sweats especially during night. These kind of heat sensations are generally experienced by women when they are reaching menopause age and continues post menopause as well.

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