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Kids are adorable, they are cute and its hard to ignore their lovable ways of ing things. Kids have a knack of putting a smile on your face. They do things without any fear and they do not care if they looking funny with mischievous acts.

They just go all the way out to do their thing with no worries about their surroundings. Take a look some of adorable acts of kids that will surely put a smile on your face : .

1. Learning the safety rules and safety gear.

1 .

2. Giving daddy a relaxing bath.

2 .

3. Time to dive in the aquarium.

3 .

4. Did you know tomato sauce works best as a hair mask.

4 .

5. She has made that cake is all hers.

5 .

6. Wait and watch my magic show.

6 .

7. Sleep time for me, my siblings and my soft buddies.

7 .

8. That’s how they kill time while they wait for their order.

8 .

9. It’s time for the much needed nap.

9 .

10. Cute pony tricks.

10 .

11. Let mummy sleep in my cot.

11 .

12. Beach party at home.


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