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We all love clicking pictures of our loved ones and of our surroundings. Pictures what we click become our memories and are cherished for life. Some of the photographs clicked come out to be so beautiful that not just capture the moment they were clicked at but also capture the essence and beauty of the place, person or the thing. Here we are giving some of the most amazing pictures of beautiful landscapes, amazing surroundings and unique phenomenon. These fascinating pictures will surely take your breath away :

1. Diplhylleia flower is an unique, rare flower that becomes transparent when it rains, beauty of nature beautifully captured.


2. Lunar like landscape of Mount Bromo captured beautifully in this breathtaking image.


3. Spectacular foal born with a shadow on his mane to shoulder and neck looks like another little horse is riding on his back.


4. A fine discovery.


5. Cheetah mom protects her cubs.


6. Adorable polar bear looks just like a little girls soft toy.


7. A perfect peek a boo for the little mouse.

Kto tam ?

8. Your road to reach the sky and the stars.


9. Hidden symmetry of the skyscraper buildings in the Newyork city.


10. This monkey wants to know what happening around the world.


11. Signing off for the day with a rollercoaster jump in the water.


12. That expression when you enjoy the beauty of nature.


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