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We all love celebrities and we all love babies too. So what’s the common factor here, our love for celebrities and babies? But did you know that cute little babies themselves remind us of the celebrities as they look so similar to them.

These little babies share their features, looks and even attitude just like those famous people. Scroll over as we bring you cute babies who look like your favorite celebrities: .

1. He Is The Perfect Look Alike of Vin Diesel.

0 .

2. Isn’t the resemblance so cute.

1 .

3. Best reflection Elvis’s is this adorable baby.

2 .

4. Babies eyes say it all -he is a look alike of Gandalf.

3 .

5. This one is perfect replica of Jay Z.

4 .

6. Not just the looks but also the attitude is same as John Legend.

5 .

7. Lighter side of Vladimir Putin.

6 .

8. No doubts here – Mrs. Doubtfire.

7 .

9. From his nose to eyes this baby surely looks like Wallace Shawn.

8 .

10. This baby has got his features from Tiger Woods.

9 .

11. A cute version Bill Maher.


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