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Our world is full of different kinds of creatures, be it birds, reptiles, animals, insects, fishes, sharks, whales – the list goes on. One might think that they are aware of all kinds of creatures in our environment, but there are many more than you think. As the scientist keep discovering new species of different animals, it is assumed that there are unique and bizarre animals which are yet to be discovered. Today I am presenting you all with distinctive animals species that have been discovered but you never knew exists. From raccoon dogs to Patagonian Mara, get ready to explore some of strangest creations of nature:

1. Racoon Dogs are the fascinating furry animals found mostly in East Asia.


2. Sunda flying lemur resembles squirrels and uses its tips, fingers and toes to glide on trees.


3. Patagonian Maras belong to rodent family but they look like rabbit in appearance.


4. Manned wolf looks like a fox with long legs. Unlike other wolves, this breed of wolves likes to hunt by themselves.


5. Southern Muntjac have canine teeth like dogs and are found in high altitudes in southern Asia.


6. Dolphin whale are found in the cool water southern hemisphere and as large as 2.9 meters.


7. Venezuelan poddle moth was discovered in 2009 and is called as furry poddle.


8. Malayan Colugos have kind of eyes that find everything surprising.


9. Blue footed Bobby is a marine bird which is native to tropical regions pacific ocean.


10. Markhor goats are typically found in south Asia and are known for the way they kill snakes and alien kind of coiled horns.


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