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For your yoga teacher training, there are certain things that you need to put in place. Yoga teacher training in India might take 200 hours to 500 hours. The training can take between 3 months to a year. You need to be well-prepared to be good at it. The preparation will help you to get the most out of yoga teacher training. In this article, I will be talking of 10 things that you can do to prepare for your yoga teacher training in India.

1. Read on the yoga teacher training

Reading normally sharpens your mind. This will help you to know what the training that you have chosen is about. It will inform you ahead of what things are expected of you. Yoga teacher training will provide you with a variety of books that you can read. Even though you may not understand everything in the book, the reading will make you familiar with the concept. You can also ask questions concerning the ones that you do not understand. By reading, you will be familiar with Sanskrit names of the poses, philosophy and the all-important 8 limbs of yoga.

2. Do some online courses and attend a variety of yoga classes

To do well in the yoga teacher training, doing some online courses will help you a great lot. Since there is no substitute for experience, the weeks or months to the yoga teacher training should be used to learn. You should practice with a variety of teachers whether physically or online. With this, you will be able to diversify your personal instinct and also develop your own teacher instinct. When you attend the classes, you should observe the use of themes by the teachers. Another thing to take note of is how the teachers were able to manage their class and the cues that they use.

There is no barrier in yoga teacher training as anyone can do it whether beginner or experienced. There is also no age barrier as both old and young can apply for it. With online courses, you can also know the foundation of the practice. It will show you what to expect.

3. You need to eat smart

Your diet is also very important. You need to eat healthy food. You also need to eat smart because yoga teacher training is an intense time for you and your body. Eating a plant-based, a nutrient-rich diet will leave your body energized with vitality. Healthy food will also make your body resilient to unwanted symptoms like illness and diseases. You should make sure you check out your meal plans and eat regularly. Specific food items may be suggested to you by experienced people in the field. Make sure you eat those food items.

4. You can be vulnerable, don't be afraid

Many times, people are afraid to be vulnerable. People use the habit of hiding our emotions or blocking them out. People do not want to engage with anything that has caused them pain in the past. We cannot continue like that because, in yoga training, you will most likely feel a lot of different emotions. You will feel hatred, love, happiness, sadness, frustration and many other feelings. You might not even know where those feelings have come from. To help yourself in this situation, you need to trust the process and allow your emotions to flow. You have to accept those emotions and let them go. By doing this, you will be doing yourself much good. It will also help you as a teacher.

5. Understand the blanket and belt

In preparation for the training, you should make sure that you at least know all the essential props. The props to learn about include a bolster, blocks, blanket and a belt. If you can possibly get the essential props, it is better. Before you start training, you should learn how to lace your belt so that you don't waste your time on it. You should especially learn all the props that you are not familiar with as this will help you in your training. This will ensure that you do not focus on the small technical issue when you should be focusing on the skills needed to actually use the tool.

6. You should determine the purpose of your experience

When you want to go out on training like the yoga teacher training, you should always keep the purpose of the experience at heart. Before starting the yoga teacher training, this is the time you can think of the real purpose of the experience. Your purpose of doing it might be because you want to teach or strengthen your self-practice. You might also want to do the training just to do something for yourself. There are a number of reasons why you may consider a yoga teacher training in India

7. You should read the reviews

Another thing that you can do to help yourself is to read reviews of some students that have a thread on the path that you are now. The time spent on watching the personal experiences of people that have taken the teacher training in India before is not a waste. From their experience, you can know where they started and where they are now. They can also give you helpful tips to support you through the training. It is really inspiring to watch those reviews.

8. You should prepare to be transformed

In going through the yoga teacher training in India, you should not just learn the poses, the sequences and how to teach but also be prepared to learn many other things. You will learn a lot while reflecting on how to be a better fashion for yourself. When you do this, you will know how you can become better and also help others to become better. You will also become a better teacher. Another thing you can do is to be prepared to share your experiences of transformation to your students. You should also be interested in being part of the group that truly support you and encourage you to achieve your goals.

9. You should always practice

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for the yoga teacher training in India is to keep practicing. You should practice your Asana as this will prepare you for the physical demand of a full day of yoga. Practicing the asana will also enable you to know the areas that you need to add modifications according to your need. Personal practice is also important to give you the opportunity to become familiar with your own body and also connect with your breathing. You will also gain self-discipline and be able to share the benefits of personal practice with your future student.

10. You should build your support system

Another way that you will help yourself a lot by letting friends and family know about the decision that you are taking. Although it is your decision, you should have close friends that know about the rigorous, life-changing experience that you will be taking part in. This will provide an opportunity for them to provide the necessary support when required. Vivek Roy is an enthusiastic Yoga blogger and Traveller from India. He has done yoga teacher training in India. He loves to travel and share the knowledge of yoga around the world. For more information about him visit his Sattva Yoga Academy.

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