10 Signs That Indicate Your Kidneys Are Damaged!

We are all aware that a healthy body and well being is important factor to lead a healthy life. To keep ourselves fit we should make sure that we eat right food and we follow some form of exercising.

Another factor that helps us to maintain our health is that we take care of small little changes in our body. Our bodies are designed in such a way that it sends certain indicators to us that show that there something wrong inside our body. We must recognise these symptoms and take care to cure these symptoms to avoid further discomfort. Today we will explore some signs that prove that there something wron with our kidneys :

1. Change In Urinary Function

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If you see sudden increase or decrease in your urine or change in its colour, it indicates that you have some issues in your kidneys.

Additionally if you find that you struggle to urinate, it will indicate kidney infection. In case of these changes, it is best to maintain a record of it in a diary so that your physician guides you accordingly.

2. Pain In Urine

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A sharp pain while passing urine is a sign of urinary tract infection. However if this is not treated at right time, the infection can reach your kidneys. this usually results in high fever with body aches.

3. Blood In Urine

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Blood in urine is a clear indicator of serious bladder related issues. These must not ignored and you must get yourself checked by a physician.

4. Foamy Urine

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Another indicator of kidney infection is froth or foam formation in your urine.

This unusual symptom can indicate kidney damage. You should notice the colour of your urine and make sure you are not dehydrated.

5. Swelling In Feet

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When your kidneys do not function properly, it fails to remove unwanted fluids from your body. This results in puffiness and swelling on your face, feet and ankles.

6. Dizziness

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When your kidneys do not work properly, there is lack of oxygen in your body.

This lack of oxygen leads to fatigue and since your brain does not get sufficient amount of oxygen, it gets dizzy. You will lack concentration and your energy levels will slow down.

7. Constantly Cold

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Due to kidney infection you will find that constantly feel cold even if you are in warm places. Kidney damage leads to pyelonephritis which results in chills and fever.

8. Rashes

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Once your kidneys get damaged, there is build-up in your body.

This build shows up on your skin in form of rashes and causes itchiness.

9. Nausea

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When kidneys fail to defecate waste from your body, the build up in your body comes out in form of vomiting. Constant feeling of nausea and vomit is a clear indicator of issues in oyur kidneys.

10. Shortness Of Breath

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The build up that forms in your body due to kidney issues, blocks the lungs and air passage. This results in shortness of breath. In this case you must see your physician to treat the cause.

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