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One of the oddest yet interesting subjects at your school life is learning of the maps. The geographical placements of each country over the world are understood through maps. Today as soon as you search for a place, the internet gives you the precise location and route of the place you have searched for and thus maps have become a practical useful tool in your daily life. However while learning these maps becomes a bit tedious, we are here to give you some of best way through which you could learn maps – only if this is how they taught in school. Scroll over to travel across the world through the maps we bring you here :

1. World is like a cat who playing with Australia like a soccer ball.


2. These are the places you would love to click pictures and yes of course – selfies too.


3. A map especially for coffee lovers


4. These are the places most tourists love to visit.


5. Our world will look totally different if the oceans and land switched over their places.


6. IQ levels across the world


7. This is how planet Pluto is in comparison to Australia.


8. And the moon in comparison to USA.


9. Beware of the driving lanes of different countries.


10. Happy people of the world stay in these countries.


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