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We all have this one bad day where in we underwent an embarrassing moment of dress malfunction. No matter how well you check yourself in mirror, you do get fashion faux pas sometime or the other and this can get on your nerves. A gap in between your shirt buttons or a loose button holes, stubborn zippers , are some of the common fashion emergencies that can ruin best of the outfits. But you need not panic, you can fix these ssues in matter of minutes with smart tricks. Scroll over as we explore some of best fashion hacks that will save your fashion errors, keep reading:

1. Button Gaps

Image: Source Gaps in between your shirt buttons can actually prevent you from wearing the shirt completely. To fix this, fix a double sided tape in between these gaps to prevent the shirt peak-a-boo. Ensure to remove these tapes before you put them in washing.

2. Wrinkle Free Clothes

Image: Source It becomes quite annoying when your iron runs out of order. You just don’t how to iron your clothes specially the t-shirts that are full wrinkles. To fix this you can make a DIY solution that will give you wrinkle free clothes. Take 1 tablespoon each of conditioner and vinegar and add them to 2 cups of water. Mix this well and pour in a spray bottle. Spread your clothes on flat surface and spray the solution on wrinkled areas let it dry and your clothes are ready to use.

3. Remove Ink Stains

Image: Source To remove ink stains from your clothes, apply hand sanitizer on the stain and let it stay for 10 minutes. Wash your garment as you wash your garment as usual with hot water and the ink stain will be gone.

4. Loosen Up Tight Fitting Shoes

Image: Source If your favourite pair shoes or stilettos are too tight on your feet, then all you need is a pair of socks and hair dryer to loosen them up. Wear socks and then wear your shoes. Turn on the hair dryer and hover over your footwear. The heat will make the leather loosen up and your shoes will fit you comfortably.

5. Set Zipper Free

Image: Source If your zipper gets stuck and freezes a bit, take a crayon of same colour as your zipper and run it across on both sides of zipper. Wait for few seconds and your zipper will be good to go. If the zipper is still bit tight, run the crayon over it few more times to set it free.

6. Thread Hoodie Strings

Image: Source To fix your hoodie strings, use a safety pin. Pin up the safety pin on one of the openings of your sweater and guide it to opening on the other end. The string of your hoodie will be ready to use as before.

7. Iron In A Jiffy

Image: Source Usually collars get wrinkled while you are putting on your shirts, to smoothen out the wrinkles, simply run hair iron over them to set them.

8. Remove Deodorant Stains

Image: Source Remove the uncanny deodorant stains from your clothes, run baby wipes over it several times and let it dry, the stains will be gone in no time.

9. Fix Loose Zipper With Key Ring

Image: Source It can be very embarrassing if your zipper of your jeans runs loose. To fix this, string in a key ring in your zipper and attach it with the button of your jeans.

10. Remove Red Wine Stains With White Wine

Image: Source To do away with red wine stains from your clothes, pour white wine over them and let it stay for few minutes. wash your garments as usual, the stains will be completely gone.

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