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These days we can’t get enough of dog videos out there on the internet. They prove to be the species which provide the happiness and love which people look for. Their selfless love makes us feel that we really don’t deserve them. But hey they are not only affectionate, but pretty smart as well. They can help you in those times when you didn’t think they’ll ever be able to. Oh, the adorable ways that they try to sneak snacks, right? Here are few photos which shows different parts of a cute dog life.

Happy in a bush

1 This dog might be stuck in the bush, but he is sitting their quite happily. The owner also decided to take the picture and then helped the little guy.

Not leaving the chair

2 While the dog is enjoying the comfortable chair, his owner asked him to get off it. The face the dog has made is clearly telling who the boss is.

Lawning the chair.

3 Well, the dog thought it would be interested to get struck in the woven strings. After all, nobody lets him sit on it.

Food is what matters.

4 This little guy loves pizza. I mean who doesn’t? So he made up a clever plan to have it, without owner noticing.

Not a problem?

5 This dog seems to be in a bit of trouble but still doesn’t seem like he is much bothered.

When you love the ball.

6 Too many balls to play with? This dog is way too happy sitting on all of them and creating a protective range.

Nail clippers are a strict no.

7 This dog is completely against the use of nail clippers and isn’t too happy about it.

Should I clean them up?

8 Maybe the dog is just helping as you left the dishes around. The dog is helping you clean them, right? If you had a dog you would know better that you aren’t supposed to do that.

Even dogs communicate.

9 it is adorable to see how they have their own language to express feelings for other animals. But, I don’t think horses would understand that.

The answer is yes!!

10 Dogs love to go out for a walk, which is why they always express their astonished happiness when they are asked the question.

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