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When a woman gets pregnant she gets on to altogether a new journey of life. Along with the woman her husband too has new journey of becoming a father. Just as mother to be, fathers to be too go through range of emotions and they become more responsible and caring towards their wife. The moments of fathers to be were beautifully captured by a young photographer, Jana Romanova. The moments were named as ‘Waiting’ series that beautifully depicts the how these men take care of their wives as they experience the discomfort. Scroll over to feel the love and emotion of fathers to be:

1. She is so special to him and so is their baby.


2. Right next to his wife to let her hold him.


3. Always there for his wife and family.


4. Sleeping close to her to make herself position her tummy comfortably.


5. Holding his wife carefully to make her feel secure.


6. Watching her sleep.


7. Just being next to her and the baby means a world to him.


8. Holding her delicately.


9. Holding her pillow so that she can sleep in right direction.


10. All that matters to him is his wife and his baby


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