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1. Before curling your hair, decide whether you want loose curls or tight curls. For tight curls, use a small barrel and for light and loose curls use a bigger barrel.

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2. To prop up your ponytail, fix in bobby pins on either side of hair elastic.

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3. To add a shine to your hair, rinse your hair with cold water.

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4. Switch side parting to middle parting by wetting your hair and blow drying them.

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5. Make utilization of bobby pins and create a new hairstyle everyday.

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6. Use pin this way to hold your hairbun properly.

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7. Curl your hair like a pro with these hair curler.

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8. Create a fuller ponytail in just 2 minutes by using hair clip in this way.

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9. Put your hair up with a pencil.

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10. Cut down your own hair layers at home.


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