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Open any social media platform, be it pinterest, facebook or Instagram, all you will see is people posting their pictures in perfectly shaped up bodies. Being fit and in shape is the latest buzz and trend. The trend starts from our beloved celebs and passes down on each of us. We all want to be in good shape and attain perfect body weight. Today in this post I am bringing you some of the best followed practices that you should adopt to shed those extra pounds off. Scroll over and get ready to get your body in shape with these effective tricks :

1. Say No To Alcohol

1 Image: Source Alcohol has a drying effect on your body, leaving your body dehydrated. Alcohol slows down your metabolism which slows down your fat loss process. Avoid consuming alcohol and if you must, then limit yourself 1 glass of wine a day. Avoid beer as it adds extra calories to your body.

2. Do Not Sit For Too Long

2 Image: Source Most people have a sedentary lifestyle or due to their work they sit for too long. This again slows down body metabolism and causes back aches. While sitting your body burns 100 calories however while standing you burn 140 calories. Break your habit of sitting by walking a few steps every 40 to 45 minutes. For instance, instead of having conversation with your colleagues over the phone, walk up to their seat.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water

3 Image: Source While it is important to drink 8 glasses of water a day to keep your body hydrated, increase your water intake to 10 to 14 glasses a day to shed extra pounds. Water detoxifies your body naturally and improves your metabolism. Drink water upon waking up and 30 minutes prior to each meal and see the difference in body in matter of few weeks.

4. Eat In Small Portions

4 Image: Source Make a habit of eating in small portions, especially when you are eating out with friends or at a party. This will prevent yourself from adding extra calories to your body.

5. Eat Proteins

5 Image: Source Make sure your diet has substantial amount of proteins. Proteins help to gain muscle weight and eliminates excess fats from your body. Include protein rich foods like milk, lean meat, pulses in your diet to shed extra pounds and maintain ideal body weight.

6. Cardio Exercises

6 Image: Source Fitness experts suggest doing cardio exercises to kick the fats off your body. Invest 300 minutes a week to improve your heart rate, boost metabolism, reduce stress and reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular diseases, heart failure and diabetes. Take time out go for walking, jogging, cycling, stretch exercises or swimming.

7. Dancing

7 Image: Source An easy and fun way to shed extra pounds is by dancing to your favourite tunes and songs. Dance for 45 to 1 hour a day to lose weight and lift up your mood.

8. Skip Elevator

8 Image: Source Instead of using elevator use stairs to climb up the floor, this will improve your heart rate and will easily help you to melt extra fats from your body.

9. Snack On Fruits And Nuts

9 Image: Source In between your meals, munch on various fruits and nuts. This will keep you satiated and will prevent you from having unhealthy snacks. If you are in habit of having unhealthy snacks switch to healthier options and have fruits like apples, oranges, pineapple. You can also have a handful almonds, raisins or walnuts.

10. Eat Slowly

10 Image: Source Eating food too quickly makes you end up eating more and it also leads to poor food digestion. Adopt the correct way eating food slowly and make sure that to chew well before you swallow it.

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