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If you are one of those fashionistas who love to experiment with hair and try new hairstyles then it’s time to up notch your hair buns. You can create beautiful hairstyles with hair buns to flaunt the glamour side of your personality. Hair buns are ever so evolving, each year the trendsetters bring us new variations in the basic hair buns which adds elegance to our style. Explore new hair buns that are breaking the internet these days and catch the attention of on lookers :

1. Elegant basic sock bun up do.


2. Glamorous triple braided bun.


3. Sophisticated braided sock bun.


4. Twin braids bun to add an oomph factor.


5. Create a mystique magic with flirty fishtail bun.


6. Wear this adorable braided bun if you have long bangs.


7. Beautifully crafted bun on top with chic braid.


8. Loosely braided hair teased into a fascinating bun.


9. Braids all the way to form a messy hair bun.


10. Criss cross braids entwined into a stylish and charming bun.


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