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Denims are always in trend and why shouldn’t they be? Because the best part of denims is that you can wear denims any day, any time and any where. But there are also some times when your favorite denim has bad day too. But you don't have to worry about that, because here in this article we have compiled a list of some tricks and hacks that can give your old denim a new and cool look. So scroll down to find out those hacks!

1. Distress Your Jeans at Home

2. Give your old Denim a new & stylish look by cutting it in this way.

3. Tucking Jeans In The Boots

4. DIY Daisy Painted Shorts Tutorial

5. How To Cuff Your Jeans

6. Cuff Your Jeans Like This To Look More Fashionable!

7. Fix your lose jeans.

8. Create Aztec designs on the ankles to give your denim unique chic look.

9. Turn Your Old Jeans Into Shorts.

10. Play with you old denim and implement your own ideas and you will get some unexpected (But stylish) result.

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