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When it comes to losing weight, it is quite challenging to lose fats from your tummy. Excess fats in our abdominal cavity are stubborn and do not get melted easily. Having a toned up stomach and a flat belly is everyone’s desire these days. Get rid of abdominal fats is not only good aesthetically but also proves to beneficial for our health. If you have excess fats around your tummy, it can leads to various lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure. To reduce fats from your tummy and get flat abs, people spend hours in gym to do various exercises. But did you know that there one single exercise which proves to more powerful than 1000 AB, this exercise is called planks. Yes, planks not only help to get flat belly but also conditions your core, works on glutes, improves your posture and soothe out back aches. Scroll over to find how to do planks correctly to get a toned up flat tummy:

1. Planks Best Exercise For Your Tummy

1 Planks are a valuable tool in workout session. It Is the most effective exercise for your stomach as it engages all the major muscles and great way of strengthening your core. Planks help to strengthen and tone your back, reduce back aches, provide stability and control. Planks not only sculpt a flat stomach but also improve your posture. Planks can burn more calories than any other stomach exercises as it engages your muscles in arms, legs and back. Planks are thus considered as best form of stomach exercise.

2. How To Do Plank Exercise

2 Plank is a static exercise which requires no equipment and can be performed anywhere. To do this exercise, follow these steps: I. Place your hands firmly, directly under your shoulders with the width slightly wider than shoulder width apart. This position is similar to your push-ups position. II. Keeping your neck straight put your heels in a position and transfer the pressure to your toes and muscles in your thighs. III. Activate the muscles in your lower body, contract your muscles in your hips. Ensure that you do not raise your body, to form a plank position and not a triangular shape. IV. Breathe in and out to get the balance and maintain the position. V. To hold the position properly, you can put your imagination to use like as if you are trying to balance a glass of water on your back that should not get spilled. VI. Once you are in control and able to balance your back, check that your knees and hands are on ground with your back in flat position. VII. Looking at a spot on a floor about a foot beyond your hand, neutralize your neck and spine. Ensure your head is in line with your back. Contract your muscles in abdomen and hold the position for (20 seconds beginners, 40 to 60 seconds as you advance). As you advance with the move, hold your position for as long as possible, however do not overdo it and ensure that you do not miss on your breath. Release the hold and relax your body. Follow 3 reps of planks in the beginning. You can gradually increase the reps. Initially you may need to take help of your trainer to get it right, but once you will the hold of this exercise and follow it in fitness routine every day, you will get desired results.

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