Burn 700 Calories: The Ultimate Workout That Starts Working From The First Day!

Switch Lunges (30 sec)


They are great for cardio and excellent leg workout. While keeping your chest up, you have to kneel without touching your knee to the floor as shown in the image and repeat same with the opposite leg. Do the same for 30 seconds.

Half Burpee With Star Jump (30 sec)

It’s a form of a plank, good for strengthening your entire body. But instead of jumping up straight you have to do a star jump and perform the exercise for 30 seconds.

High Knees (30 sec)

Standing at a place, you have to run with your knees reaching as high as you can, keeping your back straight. Run for 30 seconds. It proves to be the best warm up for many.

Frog Jump Burpees (30 sec)

It combines both push-up and a frog jump. Do it for 30 seconds more. These exercises would make a good cardio session for about 5 to 7 minutes. The more you do, the better it would be.

Squat With Front Raise (50 sec)

These are normal squats but with your arms raised up holding a dumbbell at shoulder level at all times. This would tone both your arms and legs. Do it for 50 seconds.

Tricep Push Up With Mountain Climber (50 sec)

4 push-ups and 4 mountain climbers should go hand in hand to have excellent results. Make sure there is narrow gap between your hands as it proves good for triceps.

Back Lunges And Bicep Curls (50 sec)

Alternating back lunges and bicep curls for 50 seconds is going to be tone your entire body. Don’t speed through it, and maintain a straight posture.

Single Leg Squat (50 sec each leg)

You will need a chair behind you for a good support so that you can sit on it while you are squatting down with one leg.

Dumbbell Swings (50 sec)

You should swing the weight up at the shoulder level, and then back down between your legs for about 50 seconds. This would finish your strengthening exercise.

Russian Twists (50 sec)

Again you have to start a cardio for about 7 minutes and this is how you begin. Perform this exercise with your feet off the ground. Keep your back straight and form a 60 degrees angle with the floor. Now twist your body by moving your hands holding a ball in your hands side to side. Perform for about 50 seconds.

Sliding Pikes (50 sec)

Place tea towels under your toes so you can slide better and then pike and plank alternatively, for about 50 seconds. Your abs should feel the soreness.

Knee Tucks (50 sec)

Keep your legs extended and off the ground. Now make a 30 degree angle of back with the ground and start bending your knees towards your chest. Hold it for a second and bring back to original position. Repeat it for 50 seconds.

Knee in And Out Sliding Planks (50 sec)

It is a regular sliding plank but you have to bring your knees towards your chest when you bring your legs inside. Perform same for 50 seconds.

Side Plank With Knee Tuck (50 sec on each side)

The only difference from regular side plank is that you tuck one knee towards the elbow as shown in image. Do it for 50 seconds.

V-Hold (to failure)

While lying flat on the mat with legs and arms at 45 degrees to the floor, keep shoulders little above the mat also. Hold the position for about 50 seconds. This would be excellent for abs and thus repeat for 5 to 7 minutes.

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